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What a Consultation Entails


In addition to the clinical history provided by your vet,  a thorough history log will be taken during the initial assessment to discuss any previous injuries, recent phases of illness or underlying conditions that your animal may have. This may include information regarding your animal’s general routine, home environment, current medications and the reason for referral. 



Gait Assessment 

A full assessment observing how your animal moves and stands will be conducted, this will include both static and dynamic assessments. During these assessments the owner is required to act as handler whilst the gait is being assessed. Sometimes equine owners may be asked to lunge or ride for these assessments (notice will be given if required). 



ROM & Palpation Assessment 

Once a gait assessment has been conducted, the tissues and range of motion in the joints will then be assessed. This allows for areas of inflammation, pain, swelling, imbalances and altered muscle states to be assessed. 




Main Treatment 

Once all of the findings have been collected, the main aims for treatment are established and a subsequent treatment will be applied. Treatments are determined by the findings collected from each assessment, this means that each treatment is tailored specifically to the needs of each case. Dobbins Veterinary Physiotherapy applies a range of techniques from massage to electrotherapy modalities during each treatment. These techniques may differ between sessions depending on your animal's progression and needs. 


Remedial Exercise Prescription 

During a consultation owners may be demonstrated exercises that will be prescribed in their remedial exercise plan. This is to ensure that owners are carrying out exercises effectively with a safe approach for their animal. Remedial exercise prescription will be issued following your consultation, this will include clear information on the repetitions, frequencies and intensities of each exercise.



Subsequent Follow-Up Sessions

Following an initial consultation, any subsequent sessions will be kept to 1 hour time slots unless otherwise arranged. A full assessment will be carried out as routine and progress from the previous session(s) will be assessed. Treatments will be tailored on each appointment and remedial exercise plans may be altered depending on progression. 

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